Inauguration of “Patshala -2 Training series 2015-16 to Akshaya Entrepreneurs
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 09:58

Vision - “Empowering Akshaya Entrepreneurs to Create Digitally Empowered Society”


Akshaya, a first –of-its-kind of ICT projects has become one of the indispensable parts of the public in their day to day life. Akshaya has played a crucial role in making Kerala a digital state. It has been noticed that even though there are many programs and policies were implemented to uplift the poor and downtrodden, it hardly reach them. Hence to check the leaks in public subsidies and welfare programs Government of India has launched Digital India Program with the vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.  Government of Kerala has recognized the power ICT and has explored various ways to bring its benefit to the common man well before a decade via Akshaya. At this juncture, role of Akshaya as an agency for service delivery and information dissemination cannot be   minimized.

While recognizing the abundant potential to reach the services at the door step of the public, Akshaya also realize the need to rekindle their spirit and knowledge. With this, Patshala 2- the Akshaya training “programs brought forward a series of training program for the year 2015-16 with the mission to prepare Akshaya Entrepreneurs to create a Digitally Empowered Society. The training program will have 2 phases.

Phase 1:  Training in Hard ware and Trouble Shooting:  Akshaya in association with Intel will launch this program. There shall be 8 programs. Selected 25 Akshaya Entrepreneurs from each district shall be given training. Akshaya Entrepreneurs of two adjacent districts shall be attending the training.  The first phase training will commence on 17th of September 2015 at Trivandrum and ends on 8th October 2015 at Malappuram District.  This program will reach to Four Hundred Akshaya Entrepreneurs from all over Kerala and it will create a pool of Master Trainers in Computer Hardware and Trouble Shooting. Participants will be awarded with Intel – Akshaya Certificate at the end of each training session. The objective of this program is to equip our Akshaya Entrepreneurs to identify and fix common computer problems on their own.

Phase 2: Aims to deliver sessions on Technical and Soft Skill Training- It is planned to conduct 2days district wise training program by eminent trainers of reputed organizations. In the second phase programme targeted to cover all the 2500 + Akshaya Entrepreneurs and their nominated staffs. In addition to computer hardware and trouble shooting, the modules of Business Motivation, Goal Setting, Customer Relation Management, Time Schedule and Stress Management is also included, with an objective to create a positive spirit among the  Akshaya entrepreneurs to deliver proactive citizen centric services.


The State Level Inauguration of Patshala Training Program for the year 2015-16 launched by Hon’ble Minister for IT & Industries Shri.  P. K. Kunhalikkutty at 9 AM on 17th Sep 2015 at IMG Hall Thiruvanathapuram.




Intel will join hands with Akshaya in the first phase training program. The association between Intel and Akshaya paved way for many record breaking achievements. The Intel Learn Program launched by Intel in Kerala through Akshaya Centers in the year 2004 was a huge success. Akshaya –Intel partnership could train 1,00,000 youths in underserved communities helped them to develop 21st century skills like problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration through technology driven projects. Now Intel has come up with Easy Step and Hard ware and Trouble Shooting Programs.

Modules of first Phase Training

Session include Functioning of Computer System and its peripherals, installing, configuring and troubleshooting Computer and its peripherals. Equipping to identify and fix common computer problems on their own, necessary tips to reduce the down time in service delivery & operating cost.       Reduce the gap of know how in technological advancement.

Modules of second phase training

Business Motivation:Primarily targets to achievement drive competency. It is intended to increase the strength of achievement motivation. Session will include exercise to  identify themselves as social entrepreneurs. Sessions like enhancing self-confidence, Moderate risk taking, Use of immediate concrete feedback to modify goals, personal responsibility, Analysing the  environment and adaptability

Customer handling: Deals with meaning of customer relation, the three key elements- definition of service, customer, and relation, techniques of handling different customers etc.

Stress Management:starts with identifying the sources of stress. Help to  identify psychological effects and its impact, Assist  to take charge of ones thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way one  deal with problems, Significance of positive communication skills, breathing techniques and so on

Goal Setting: helps  the participants to choose where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Also assist them to know the benefits of setting SMART Goals, Tips for setting goals

Time Management: aims at sharpening time management skills. Participants will be trained with simple practical techniques that have helped the people in various walks of life to reach the pinnacles of their careers. The sessions include time wasters, Modern tools for effective time management, tips to develop time management techniques.

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